Where You Can Find The Best Faux Lashes To Make You Even Prettier


I guess you can say I'm obsessed with fake lashes (only because I'm asian and I have lashes that are basically invisible), ha! Have no fear my fellow non-eyelashers! If you've never heard of Daiso, well, now you do. It's a Japanese version of a 99cent store, but even better! There you can find anything from home supplies to office supplies to beauty supplies and everything in between. It's pretty much amazing. For the price of only $1.50, It's where I came upon a treasure of a find, my go-to lashes! OB-SE-SS-ED!


Daiso has a great variety of lashes, but these are my ultimate favorites. W101, W202, W303, and W404. On my recent visits to the stores so I can re-up on my lash game, I have not seen them on the shelves of 4 different Daiso's near me in Los Angeles and I am beyond devastated! So. Heart-breaking. BUT! Have no fear my fellow people! With luck on our sides, you can easily find them online! Yay! Amazon, Ebay, and even on Daiso's online store daisojapan.com.