The Best Coffee Shop In Town


If you're ever on the westside of Los Angeles, go even more west to a city called Santa Monica. There you will find a little gem of a coffee shop called Lo/Cal Coffee + Market directly across the street from Virginia Avenue Park on Pico and Cloverfield. They have the best and friendliest baristas you could ever ask for! They also serve the best coffee. Ever. Stumptown Coffee Roasters- with a location in Downtown Los Angeles.

To pair perfectly with your ultimate mug of life are an array of Pastries from Cake Monkey (Hollywood), Empanadas from Grand Casino (Culver City), and Donuts from DK's Donuts Santa Monica (weekends only!). 

Anyway, all you need is... great coffee, great service, great ambiance, yummy foods, and free WIFI! Yes! Lo/Cal Coffee + Market has all of the above. Go there now! You know you want to!